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What is b2 MicroCare?

At b2 MicroCare, we make it easy to get the help you need for minor ailments. Our 15-minute booking windows make fitting care into your schedule a breeze, and our simple rates give peace of mind to your wallet.

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Easy Scheduling

We know you don't have time to feel unwell. With our 15-minute booking windows, it's easy to find time in your day to get that little ailment checked out.

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Upfront Pricing

Most visits cost $65 when using self-pay. The cost of your appointment may vary due to additional procedures and treatments. Most major insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid are accepted.

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Minor Ailments

B2 MicroCare treats minor ailments for those ages 2+. For any injury that may require X-rays or sutures, visit your closest Bozeman Health Urgent Care or emergency department.

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What Minor Ailments Can b2 Treat?


Colds, fevers, flu viruses, sore throats, infections, earaches and headaches.

Skin & Eye

Infections, rashes, fungal infections, blisters and burns.

Minor Injuries

Minor strains, sprains, cuts and wounds. 
(We offer treatment glue and steri-strips; no sutures.)


Sports, school and camp physicals. 
(Same protocol as urgent care—no EKGs.)

Women’s Health

Birth control, pregnancy evaluation, and urinary tract and yeast infections.


Ear wax, foreign body, sutures/staples and warts.

& More

Book a same-day, no-wait appointment online today.

Additional Procedures & Prices

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Possible Additional Procedures & Treatments

In addition to the $65 visit fee, some visits may require one or more of these additional services:

No-Fuss Procedures

Do you know what you need and just need to get in and out quickly? No problem. These procedures do not require an examination and are not billed in addition to the standard $65 visit.

Billing and Insurance

b2 MicroCare gives you up-front pricing for self-pay visits. b2 MicroCare accepts cash, check and all major credit cards. Payment must be made at time of visit. b2 MicroCare will bill your insurance—please bring your insurance card with you and be ready to pay your co-pay if you have one.